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Because Eldorados and Jags chill in NY…

courtesy of Street Level NYC:


Because Jeremiah…

is still hunkered down in the East Village, waiting for the wrecking ball of gentrification to find him…as he keeps us up to date on Vanishing New York:

While I sensed this was inevitable, I still thought it would never happen. I hoped that Love would be saved by the economic downturn, that it was too much a part of the old 1980s East Village to ever vanish. After all, Madonna shopped there in Desperately Seeking Susan.



But I should know by now that nothing is safe.

In 2005, after more than 20 years here, they nearly vanished when their rent tripled, according to The Villager, who reported, “It’s a shame,” said Leslie Herson, the store’s owner and founder. “New York is losing its individuality because little stores like mine can’t compete.”

Now the same can be said again. And this time, apparently, for good.



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