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Because it is a mystery…

…and one shouldn’t try to define it.


Because of same, same?



Because of Subway Heros…


Minutes after rescuing a man who had fallen onto the subway tracks at the Penn Station stop on Monday, Mr. Lindsey managed to melt back into the anonymity of the city, escaping the notice of the police, paramedics and subway workers. (NY Times).

Because of randomnesss…

… Jesus lives here, did you know that? … he thinks the L train stands for LOVE Train. Jesus is such a player. Dude is ripped!


Because The Economic Meltdown is no F’n Laughter Matter…

… from Comedy Central’s World News Headquarters in New York, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart hammers Jim Cramer (Mad Money). Stewart looks Cramer in the eye and  says… “I want the Jim Cramer on CNBC to PROTECT ME from that Jim Cramer” ( post referencing a video tape of Cramer financial showboating).

“I understand you want to make finance entertaining, but it’s not a fucking game.”– Jon StewartJon Stewart - The Daily Show

Because slow motion nyc with a cheap casio camera…

… and U2 makes Vicente Sahuc a great protector of Gotham.

Because New Yorkers are clever like dat…

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