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Because KB + Jay = international…

… icon of rap in his new commercial for Rhapsody – Music without limits…written by homie KB. Congrats…love the one take and of course V.O at the end by hermano AL.


Because deflating puffy things is good…

…especially when you do it well like Paula does 🙂

New York Magazine June Issue 2009

New York Magazine June Issue 2009

Because of summertime concerts…

TV On The Radio

Rain or Shine Brooklyn brings it.  Hearing live music is absolutely one of my favourite things to do, couple that with beautiful park surroundings and ¡BAM! you have the makings for a fantastic night.  Grab a bunch of buddies, drink some cheap beer, lounge on a rug and meet some new people.

TV On The Radio

Because there is bit of 50 and Barack in everybody…

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