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Because we love a good pillow fight…

photos: metromix new york

New York City Pillow Fight 2011

Credit:Gabi Porter

Since 2007 the kids at Newmindspace have been organizing World Pillow Fight Day in cities all over the world, and for New Yorkers who weren’t in the Union Square area this Saturday afternoon it’s our regret to inform you that you missed it.  Yes folks, once a year people gather in their designated spots and beat the stuffing out of each other until they ain’t got no more stuffing…and then later that stuffing is gathered up, sanitized and donated to Pillows for Puppies, who in turn make dog beds for shelter dogs.

Our wildly estimated guess put this year’s crowd at over 1,000 — but it’s hard to see when one is repeatedly smacked in the face with a pillow! — it seemed just about as big as last year, but maybe not quite as big as the year the pillow fight went to Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange. There was a bigger police presence this year (Pillow Fight Day is 100% legal and gets all their permits in order so you can whack away with no risk of jail time, the cops will just laugh at you and shake their heads), with the pillow fight area cordoned off with barricades, where we got to hear the funniest thing we’ve ever heard from an NYPD officer, “Sorry, you can’t go in there without a pillow.” –Gabi Porter

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