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Because this crap has never been appropriate…

… and will never be overlooked or allowed EVER again. Time to wake up NY Post, we no longer live with blind folds on. Bad taste is bad taste.


Barbara Ciara, president of the National Association of Black Journalists, said the Post showed a “serious lapse in judgment” by running the cartoon. “To think that the cartoonist and the responsible editors at the paper did not see the racist overtones of the finished product should insult their intelligence,” Ciara said in a written statement. “Instead, they celebrate their own lack of perspective and criticize those who call it what it is: tone deaf at best, overtly racist at worst.”

In California, civil rights leader Earl Ofari Hutchinson called on the Post to apologize. “In times past, that depiction of African-Americans has been vigorously condemned as racially offensive,” Hutchinson said in a statement issued from his Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable. “The cartoon also subtly condones violence. We call on the Post management to issue an immediate apology and a statement that racial insults will not be tolerated by Post writers and cartoonists.”

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