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Because of Advanced Style…

… by Ari Seth Cohen. “I am often asked if I have an age limit for Advanced Style and this is something I constantly think about when I go out taking photos. I started the site as a means to connect to New York city and learn from the people who have made it the culturally rich place that it remains.”

photo from with Titles by PNY.

photo from with Titles by PNY.

“All of the people I photograph have a story to tell and much of their character is revealed by their unique and individual styles. I have noticed that older people wear their clothes with confidence and pride, whether they are still wearing the beloved pieces of clothing that they have cherished for many years or tend to dress in more contemporary fashion. There is a certain romanticism that accompanies the way they speak about their clothing as if a favorite coat or pair of gloves can inspire memories of the past.”

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